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Mike Morris Fired from the FAN

It has been reported that the "Superstar" Mike Morris, long time long snapper for the Minnesota Vikings and radio personality for KFAN, was released of his work duties with the "FAN" today.

Personally, I always liked what the Superstar had to say. He wasn't there just to hear himself talk, get attention, or force his ideas upon you. He was there to give insite from someone who's actually been to the "show". He's strapped on the pads and earned his right to voice his opinion!

Here's a salute to you Superstar! If you are looking for a place to be heard, I know the FANIMPACT team would be happy to have you aboard. We may not pay much now, but its more than you are currently getting. Joke, please don't pound my face.

Time to join the real FAN....FANIMPACT!
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Members Impacted:
Justin Jansen
Wes Mantooth
The Dude
Arley Overturf
Mike Paulson
Jim Molek
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The NBA draft used to be an exciting time for me as a Timberwolves fan. Now it's turned into a time of anxiety, because of all the mismanagement that's been go...
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Greg Jennings was the Vikings #1 last season. He had 68 catches for 804 yards, but he told that he would welcome Patterson as the new #1 this year. J...
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I was a little shocked that he doesn't want to stay with the Knicks, after they brought in Phil Jackson. He must want to go play with the Bulls or the Celtics....
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The Twins are still hanging around the .500 mark, after they swept the White Sox last weekend. They are only 5 games out of first place in the Central Division...
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I can't wait for football to start, but some of the news articles out there are just plain stupid. I read one today that said Teddy Bridgewater is learning by p...
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I heard Flip on KFAN Sunday talking to Dan Barreiro about the Kevin Love situation. He said a trade for known commodities is better then a deal for draft picks...
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I flipped on ESPN after watching Game of Thrones last night to catch the recap of the most boring NBA Finals I can remember. They didn't report very much on the...
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Minnesota Twins Chatter


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There is no shortage of pitching prospects in this years MLB draft. 8 of the 10 ten players in the top ten are pitchers according to The ...
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Segment One:
Why are the Minnesota Timberwolves an absolute mess?
Is the NBA broken?
Should the NBA change their draft format?

Segment Two:
Early predictions on who will win the NFC North.
Will Teddy Bridgewater be a better NFL QB than Johnny Manziel?
Additional Vikings Chatter...
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The Minnesota Timberwolves make it difficult to be an NBA fan. The recent report from the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the Wolves agreed to hire Memphis Grizzlie...
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Watching the Twins game this memorial Day, they flashed Joe Mauer's season stats. A .280 batting average, 2 homeruns, and 14 RBIs. Those numbers are putrid for...
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Segment One:
Minnesota has earned the right to host Super Bowl LII. Does the reaction from the ownership group make you believe they only care about dollar signs, or is it a great day for Minnesota overall? 

What was your thoughts on the Vikings draft now that the dust has settled?...
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You can put a fork in the Minnesota Timberwolves, because they are done. It has been an uphill battle for a franchise that lost a former MVP in Kevin Garnett a...
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The Minnesota Vikings were very fortunate to sign John Randle as an unrestricted rookie free agent in 1990. It is extremely rare for someone to go undrafted and...
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Am I the only one that saw Jonathan Toews plant himself in the crease before the puck arrived on his game winning goal? The goal was never even reviewed, wha...
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I wanted to throw my two cents in on the Draft. My opinion is different then some in regards to the Vikings selections. For the most part I've heard mixed rev...
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Anthony Barr better pan out. It’s that simple. Johnny Manziel was the targeted quarterback for both the Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns, but Rick Spi...
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Segment One:
NFL Draft Discussion
Mark, John and Josh talk about the first round of the draft on 5/8/2014 and try to determine why there is so much change on draft boards leading up to the selection process. ...
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222 Views     Posted: May 7
Only 1 day away from the first round of the NFL Draft. This is how I see the rest of the first round going Recap of top 10: 1. Jadaveon Clowney 2. Greg ...
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If you've been able to pay attention to the latest Vikings draft news and speculation during the Minnesota Wild Stanley Cup Playoff run, you would have learned ...
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It's NFL Draft Week!!! Let the speculation begin. Here's how I see the top 10 shaking out in the first round. 1. Houston: DE, Jadaveon Clowney- This wil...
269 Views     Posted: April 29
The no-calls that have sent "The State of Hockey" into a "State of Fury", may not have been missed on accident. The holding call that kept Wild winger, Charli...
Wes MantoothImpact
256 Views   1 Reaction   Posted: April 27
We all know about the bad officiating in game 5 of the MIN vs COL series. The mysterious no call on the offside penalty by Colorado during the game tying goal,...
Fan ImpactPodcast
244 Views     Posted: April 23

Segment One:
Would Greg Popovich be a household name if he coached in the LA or New York markets?
Should Kevin Love play a part in the hiring of a new head coach for the Timberwolves?

Segment Two:
Kevin Love conversation continued
Is the Minnesota Wild season all but over? ...
The DudeImpact
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The Vikings have rightfully taken a backseat to the Wild as Minnesota’s hockey club fights to get back into the series with the Colorado Avalanche, but that doe...
181 Views     Posted: April 21
The Excel Energy Center was rocking tonight on a beautiful spring day in Minnesota. As I sat on my couch, I saw good buddies, Chris Ryberg and Mark Howe cheerin...
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We are about three weeks into the baseball season, and the Twins are sitting at a respectable 9-9. They are a game and a half out of first place. Coming into ...
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153 Views     Posted: April 16

Segment One (:35-12:51)
Wild/NHL Playoff Preview
1. Thoughts on the matchup between the Wild and the Avalanche?
2. Is the season a failure if the Wild don't get passed the first round?
3. What teams are your favorite to make the Stanley Cup Finals?...
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192 Views     Posted: April 15
I heard a discussion on the radio yesterday about the Wolves trading Kevin Love in the offseason. One viewpoint mentioned in the exchange was that Minnesota has...
212 Views     Posted: April 14
For all you hockey lovers out there, this time of year brings bone chilling excitement and anticipation. The NHL play-offs are the most unpredictable play-offs ...
Wes MantoothImpact
208 Views   3 Reactions   Posted: April 13
It's official! The NFL's latest ding bat is Aldon Smith. Apparently he was detained at LAX telling TSA officials that he had a bomb. There is a serious issue ...
Fan ImpactPodcast
186 Views   1 Reaction   Posted: April 9

Segment One:
1) All five Pacers starters are sitting out a game. What's your stance on coaches resting players in the NBA?
2) Do you agree with the Timberwolves decision to let Daunte Cunningham dress for the game Tuesday after 2 arrests in the past week?
3) Steve Nash passed Mark Jackson for 3rd on the all-time assist list. Where does he rank on your list of PG's?...
The DudeImpact
227 Views     Posted: April 8
Today am I happy to have a place to write my own opinion. I hear all day long on sports radio that the Vikings should do this or do that by people that have zer...
166 Views   1 Reaction   Posted: April 7
One week to go and the Minnesota Wild's play-off picture is just as cloudy as it was last week. However, the Wild faired far better than I expected last week. T...
Wes MantoothImpact
144 Views   1 Reaction   Posted: April 6
It's a bit surprising that the Twins managed to finish their first road trip of the season with a 3-3 record. The strangest thing about it is they're doing it ...
Cody DeNucci
Should they get paid or just leave early?
The Dude
Being paid to play is for the Pros
Cody DeNucci
Push a fan. Mighty "BIG" of you.
Fan Should Shut His Mouth
Cody DeNucciImpact
145 Views   3 Reactions   Posted: April 4
I know that this is a generally minnesota based crowd on here but i have to gloat a little about my Wisconsin Badgers. The badger football team has been a highl...
Cody DeNucci
minnesota needs more d1 teams.
Minnesota Can't Produce One D1 Team
Fan ImpactPodcast
189 Views   1 Reaction   Posted: April 2

Segment One:
FI Weekly Top 5
1. Is DeSean Jackson signing with the Redskins a good move?
2. Why did the Eagles let a 1,300 yard receiver go?
3. Over/Under 1 more major win for Tiger?
4. Will the big three in Miami break up after this season?
5. What are your thoughts on Brewers fans giving Ryan Braun a standing ovation?...
181 Views   1 Reaction   Posted: April 1
Could yet another Minnesota franchise be in line for an epic collapse, and miss the play-offs? Currently the Minnesota Wild hold the 7th seed (first of two W...
The DudeImpact
206 Views   1 Reaction   Posted: March 31
Clayton Kershaw’s contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers wrecked my interest level in Major League Baseball. Coming from the small market Minnesota Twins fan bas...
Justin JansenImpact
150 Views   2 Reactions   Posted: March 31
Hey fellow fanimpacters I was laying here tonight wondering where all of you thought D. Jackson was going to land? Do you think Minnesota would be smart to make...
Wes MantoothImpact
168 Views   3 Reactions   Posted: March 30
We are one day away from opening day for the Minnesota Twins. Usually I get really excited for opening day, but this year leaves a lot to be desired. The wors...
149 Views   1 Reaction   Posted: March 28
It was a great 6 years that will hopefully put a Vikings jersey on your back in the Hall of Fame. After threats of retirement and a missed drop dead decision da...
Fan ImpactPodcast
176 Views     Posted: March 26

This podcast contains explicit content that is not suitable for children under the age of 18

Segment One:
Fantasy Baseball
Chad asks the group to pick their winners for the fantasy long ball challenge in 2014. ...